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the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.


a strong feeling of wanting to have something.


the quality of being intense.

Latest News

  • 31AUG

    CrossFit Kids – Fall 2017

    We’re excited to announce the fall schedule for CrossFit kids (ages 7 and up). Starting on September 11th, classes will run Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:00PM to 5:30PM. Cost is $50 a month per junior CrossFitter. To sign-up go to MindBodyOnline or call Darren (717-881-6901). Have your kids start their path to a lifetime of fitness

  • 07JUN

    CrossFit Kids & Sports Performance Summer 2017

    What is CrossFit Kids and Teens all about? Ages: 7-11* Kids/Pre-Teens 10-10:30 AM The skills addressed introduce and expand the majority of CrossFit’s foundational and auxiliary movements and the time frame extends to accommodate the developing abilities of kids in grades K-6. The goal of the CrossFit Kids program is to develop and improve general