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the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.


a strong feeling of wanting to have something.


the quality of being intense.

Latest News

  • 24JAN

    February Fundamentals 2015

    Start getting winter out of your system by joining the CrossFit CDI community! Our February fundamentals class will be starting on Monday, February 2nd at 10AM or 7:30PM. Fundamental sessions run Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays at either 10AM or 7:30PM. For more information email us at What is the Fundamentals class? Read more about it

  • 27DEC

    What’s your 2015 Resolution?

    We’re rounding the corner to 2015 and it’s New Year Resolution time. Whether you are a novice to fitness or a hardened veteran, CrossFit CDI offers various programs to ensure you’re 2015 is the healthiest and most fit ever. New to CrossFit or just starting your fitness journey? CrossFit CDI’s first fundamentals class of 2015 will