• Commitment Classic 17.3

    17.3 here we go!

    The 3rd and final workout must be completed by Monday, February 6th 5:30 PM EST. The workout must take place at CrossFit CDI and be judged by a coach or CrossFit CDI appointed judge. Please ask a coach if you have any questions and sign-up for an available time slot.

    You have your 30 minute judging time block to complete both workouts. The weights described below are (Men Rx / Women Rx / Men Scale & Masters / Women Scale & Masters).

    …Standards video to follow…

    17.3 (a)
    10 Min AMRAP:
    8 Toes to Bar (Scaled: Knees past parallel)
    20ft Walking Overhead Lunge (95/65/65/35)
    8 Bar Burpees
    20ft Walking Overhead Lunge (95/65/65/35)

    17.3 (b) [3 minute cap]
    Sled Push Down and Back x 2 (110/55)
    Sled Push Down Adding Weight 3 times:
    1 – Add Weight (70/35/45/25)
    2 – Add Weight (70/35/45/25)
    3 – Add Weight (70/35/45/25)